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USA Cycling Announces Pilates For Sports Partnership

By: Bouker Pool  May 04, 2020

USA Cycling members now have access to a free 28-day Pilates program specific to cyclist

USA Cycling is pleased to announce a partnership with Pilates for Sports, an online Pilates training program that focuses on strength and conditioning specifically for cyclists.

To help you get something positive out of your home stay, this innovative company is currently providing a free 28-day Cycling Challenge for all USA Cycling members

Workouts are provided online, require no specialized equipment and are suitable for all levels of experience, from first-timers to world champions.

There is a range of workouts available to support members who are looking for a challenge off the bike, that will help them on the bike. When the group rides return, you'll be ready to go.

"Injury reduction and performance improvement with Pilates is our passion. Athletes all over the world have had amazing success with our online programs and we are really excited to be partnering with USA Cycling to roll out our programs to their members" said Principal Instructor Noeleen O'Shea

Member Benefits:

All USA Cycling members will receive a 20% discount on all monthly cycling programs with Pilates for Sports.

All USA Cycling coaches will be provided free access to education on strength and conditioning using Pilates.

Pilates for Sport are offering a Free 28-Day Cycling Challenge for you to complete at home, with workouts which will help you to:

→ Strengthen your core

→ Restore balance back to your body

→ Improve your technique

→ Overcome that niggling injury that won't go away

→ Fix your posture and feel better

→ Go faster

To access this offer, log into your USA Cycling account and click on Member Benefits.


After working extensively with athletes from a range of disciplines, the innovative founders of Pilates For Sports, knew first-hand the benefits Pilates can provide athletes, both in the reduction of injuries and their increased ability to produce power as a result of a strong core.

The Pilates for Sports online training programs were born. The innovative strength and conditioning programs can be done anywhere, anytime to suit the needs of the time-crunched athlete Graduated Pilates workouts, mini-challenges and form tips combine to help the athlete improve in their chosen sport.

The company is committed to continuous innovation within the field of strength and conditioning, with the creation of high quality, online training programs for a range of sports.

To train smarter and go faster, start your free 28-day cycling challenge now. Head to: