USA Cycling’s Top 3 Proposed Regulation Updates & Additions for 2023

By: Bonnie Walker  December 20, 2022

Proposed regulation updates and additions for 2023.

USA Cycling will be proposing three major changes for 2023. These changes are being proposed for the protection, safety, and well-being of participants, spectators, officials, and/or race directors. The key suggested changes are in regards to Junior Gears, Rider Position, and Payment of Officials. They are as follows:

1. Update of regulation 1I4 Youth/Junior Gears to conform with UCI regulations by eliminating Junior gear restrictions for road events. Gear restrictions will still be required for track events.

  • 1I4. Youth/Junior Gears. The maximum chaingear ratio for Junior riders on the track is based on age. All tests for compliance shall be done using the “roll-out method*” There are no gear restrictions for Road, Cyclocross, or MTB races.

    2. Addition of regulation 1I1(k) Rider Position regulation to conform with UCI regulations to prevent riders from being in a “puppy paws” or “superman” position on their bicycle.

    • 1I1(k) Rider Position. The rider shall normally assume a sitting position on the bicycle. This position requires that the only points of support are the following: the feet on the pedals, the hands on the handlebars, and the seat on the saddle.

    3. Update of regulation 1G2(c) as it pertains to the timely payment for Race Officials.

    • 1G2(c) Payment for standard fees, meals per diem, and expenses for which a receipt has been provided shall be tendered by the Race Director before the conclusion of the race event. Payment for overtime and additional expenses for which receipts have been provided shall be tendered by the Race Director within 10 business days of the conclusion of the event or upon receipt of the final invoices and all applicable receipts, whichever is later.

      A link to all the proposed changes for 2023 can be found here.