Frequently Asked Questions

SafeSport for Clubs FAQ

Who does the new education policy for clubs apply to?
  • Staff and Board Members of any Club with minor athletes
  • Other individuals the Club authorizes, approves or appoints
    • to a position of authority over, or
    • to have regular contact with minor athletes
We have club rides that juniors may hop into from time to time. Would ALL ride leaders be required to be certified?

If the ride leaders are in regular contact with minor athletes, they need to take the training. If the contact with minor athletes is irregular, it will not be required, although still recommended.

Are all members of the club's board of directors required to take the training?

Yes, all board members must take the training. The Center for SafeSport’s policy provides that “Adult staff and board members of a [Club] (with the exception of [Clubs] whose adult staff and board members have no contact with or authority over minor athletes)” shall complete training concerning child abuse prevention.

USA Cycling's policy is that if a club has junior members, the board members and staff must take the training. One of the key benefits of the training is how to recognize abuse and other misconduct so we believe that it is important for those leading clubs with junior members to be better educated on how to recognize and report abuse.

Not all members of our club, including some ride leaders, board members, or parents providing transportation to juniors are members of USA Cycling. How do they take SafeSport training?

Non-USA Cycling members can sign up for a USA Cycling account without purchasing a membership. That will give them an ID number in our database, which they will use to sign up for the training and for us to track in our database that they have completed it.

Are parents who assist by providing transportation of juniors to events (aka carpooling) required to take the SafeSport training?

Yes, adults transporting juniors (other than their own children) to events are considered “adults authorized by the club to have regular contact with or authority over minor athletes.”