COACHING | Certified Skills Instructor

Skills instruction has evolved into a stand alone craft from coaching, especially in mountain biking. Consequently, coaches are not always skills instructors and skills instructors are not always coaches. There can be overlap but they are two different ways to engage with athletes. As a result, USA Cycling has partnered with Bicycle Instructors Certification Program (BICP) to provide on the bike skills instruction training certification to USA Cycling Coaches. As a BICP Instructor and USA Cycling Coach the instructor is able to engage with athletes through the use of standardized language and process that greatly improves outcomes.

USA Cycling recommends all Level 3 Coaches take a basic BICP Certified Skills Instructor course during their first 18 months as a coach.

The following pathway is only conceptual, everyone’s pathway will be different. Many will find a pleasant balance at some point in their development and remain there, others may continue on to leadership roles or decide to pursue other pathways.

Become a mentor

Become a BICP Ride Leader

Become a BICP Certified Skills Instructor

Obtain an introductory USA Cycling Coaching License

Volunteer with your local club or team program

Begin operating Skills Clinics to help grow the sport in your area

Continue to the next level of BICP Certified Skills Instructor

Refine and grow your skill instruction influence in your area

Continue to the next level of BICP Certified Skills Instructor

Continue to the next level of your USA Cycling Coaching Education Pathway

Pursue the experience and positions to begin working with national level athletes and programs as a skills focused coach