COACHING | Track / Venue-Based

Velodromes have historically provided a fixed venue and controlled environment for coaches to engage with athletes. The proliferation of bike parks and confined trail systems across the US has created additional options for similar athlete engagement with both MTB and BMX populations. These environments provide an excellent way to connect with and develop large numbers of athletes in an easily controlled and planned group environments similar to many other traditional sports with a set field of play. Many of these venues house at least one athlete development program but most likely have capacity for multiple programs. These fixed venues provide a very tangible way to attract athletes from other sports, especially when equipment is provided as part of the venue programming.

The following pathway is only conceptual, everyone’s pathway will be different. Many will find a pleasant balance at some point in their development and remain there, others may continue on to leadership roles or into the the high performance pathway

Become a mentor

Volunteer with your local venue’s athlete development program and, if the venue does not have a program, start one with them

Obtain an introductory USA Cycling Coaching License

Become a Certified Skills Instructor and continue this pathway as needed

Work with venue leadership to craft and execute a multi-year plan to create better program experiences for participants

Continue to the next level of your USA Cycling Coaching Education Pathway

Look to develop and recruit additional coaches and/or skills instructors

Work with participants to to recruit and grow the program while ensuring quality experiences for all

Continue to the next level of your USA Cycling Coaching Education Pathway

Work with your program long term financial and organizational stability

Expand your scope of work to retain and develop participants up to elite competition

Create a long term plan to sustain program and athlete success