Academic All-Star Program

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The USA Cycling Collegiate Academic All-Stars Program honors collegiate athletes that excel both on and off the bike. This group is named twice a year - in February for Track, Mountain Bike and Cyclo-cross athletes and in September for BMX and Road cyclists.

In order to achieve Academic All-Star status, the athlete must have attended a USA Collegiate Cycling National Championship in the specified term for that honor and have maintained a 3.5 or higher GPA for the semester or term during which the nationals event falls (or the preceding term in the case of Cyclo-cross). The names of these athletes will be published by USA Cycling in February and September of each year.


  • Collegiate cyclist has competed in at least one Collegiate National Championship in the term being honored.
  • Collegiate cyclist or coach submits an official transcript or form to USA Cycling with the school seal from the registrar’s office that verifies the semester/term GPA of the student (can be submitted electronically or through mail).

In addition to this we urge interested students to apply for the Stenner and Kuck Scholarships in the spring. These scholarships are a tremendous opportunity for the student leaders involved with cycling teams, especially for those unable to make it to a national championship. As an opportunity to showcase student leaders it emphasizes what they do to drive the success of their team though community outreach and event organization such as youth involvement drives, bike rodeos, trail builds and other activities. Awarded annually, these scholarships are given to two female and two male collegiate riders based on competitive, academic, cycling advocacy, and community involvement accomplishments. 

Fall 2019 - Collegiate Academic All-Stars

Name School National(s) Attended
Alexis Bobbitt Colorado Mesa University MTB
Aliza Tobias Brevard College MTB & CX
Allison Mrugal Savannah School of Art & Design - Atlanta MTB & CX
Alyssa Barrick Milligan College MTB & CX
Amai Rawls Lindsey Wilson College TK, MTB & CX
Andrew Scarano Savannah School of Art & Design - Atlanta MTB & CX
Andrew Sparks Lees McRae College MTB
Anna Savage Lees McRae College CX
Anna Schehrer Fort Lewis College MTB & CX
Annika Teschke  Lindenwood University TK & MTB
Artur Sagat Savannah School of Art & Design - Atlanta MTB & CX
Austin Buttlar  Lindenwood University MTB
Bailee Enlow Marian University MTB
Bailey Nielson Utah State University MTB
Barbara Edwards Fort Lewis College MTB
Bella Cimeno Warren Wilson College CX
Bobby Comfort  Milligan College MTB
Brendan Bengtson Lees McRae College MTB
Brian Sciba  Milligan College TK
Cade Estes Lindsey Wilson College CX
Caleb Swartz Marian University MTB & CX
Callum Holloway  Lindenwood University TK & MTB
Cambria Robbiano Belmont Abbey University TK
Cameron Riches Marian University TK
Camryn Sippy Fort Lewis College MTB
Carson Beckett Brevard College MTB & CX
Carter Bailey Utah State University MTB
Cayden Whitehill  Lindenwood University MTB
Chris Jorgensen Brigham Young University MTB
Cole Page Fort Lewis College TK
Cole Paton Fort Lewis College MTB
Collin Tellechea Belmont Abbey University TK
Cooper Wiens Fort Lewis College MTB
Cormac McGeough Fort Lewis College TK
Dafne Theroux Izquierdo Colorado Mesa University TK
David Kahn Lees McRae College MTB
Elena Runyan Fort Lewis College MTB
Eli House Marian University TK & CX
Elida Beeman Lindsey Wilson College MTB
Ellen Campbell Fort Lewis College MTB & CX
Ellie Mitchell Colorado Mesa University MTB & CX
Emma Schwab Brevard College MTB & CX
Erin Sferrazza Lees McRae College MTB
Francklin Bock  Lindenwood University TK
Gabrielle Lehnert Savannah School of Art & Design - Atlanta CX
Garrett Smith Milligan College MTB & CX
Genevieve Plum Milligan College MTB & CX
Grace Hetzel Belmont Abbey University TK
Gracie Pendleton Milligan College TK & MTB
Hannah Arensman Brevard College MTB & CX
Hannah Foreman University of Utah MTB
Harrison Buckley Fort Lewis College CX
Hayley Barrick Milligan College MTB & CX
Henry Nadell Fort Lewis College MTB & CX
Hugo Scala Jr. Marian University MTB
Hunter Connell Milligan College MTB
Ian Caragol Lindenwood University MTB
Joey Leto  Lindenwood University MTB
Jonah Mead-VanCort  Lindenwood University TK & CX
Jonnie Vance Marian University MTB
Josefine Dreier Colorado Mesa University TK
Kaden Hopkins Fort Lewis College TK
Kahlo Chitraroff Colorado Mesa University MTB
Katja Freeburn Fort Lewis College MTB & CX
Korie Gilbert Lindsey Wilson College MTB
Levi Kramer Colorado Mesa University TK
Liam Earl Colorado Mesa University CX
Liam Flanagan Lees McRae College MTB
Linnea Benson Marian University MTB & CX
Lisa Cantu Marian University TK
Luise Ollick Colorado Mesa University TK
Madeline Bemis Milligan College MTB
Madeline SmithSavannah School of Art & Design - Savannah
Madysen Rails Lees McRae College MTB
Manuela Escobar Milligan College TK
Marie Tutterow Milligan College TK
Mason Hopkins Warren Wilson College MTB & CX
Matthew Hunter University of Utah MTB
Megan Jastrab Milligan College TK & MTB
Micah Mason  Lindenwood University MTB & CX
Michaela Gray Brevard College MTB
Nash Dory Fort Lewis College MTB
Nathan Schoonover  Lindenwood University MTB
Nicole Rusden Brevard College MTB
Noelle Vidak Lindsey Wilson College MTB
Olivia Armstrong Marian University MTB
Olivia Ray Savannah School of Art & Design - Atlanta TK
Patton Sims Belmont Abbey University TK
Rachel Pageau Brevard College MTB & CX
Samantha Runnels Savannah School of Art & Design - Atlanta CX
Savilia Blunk Fort Lewis College MTB
Scott Funston Colorado Mesa University MTB & CX
Simon Lewis Savannah School of Art & Design - Atlanta MTB & CX
Skylar Schaetz  Lindenwood University TK & MTB
Sommers Creed Savannah School of Art & Design - Atlanta TK
Sophie Allen Warren Wilson College MTB
Sophie Russenberger Fort Lewis College CX
Staci McCudden  Lindenwood University TK
Sumi Yuki Lindsey Wilson College TK & MTB
Tiffany Molesi Lindsey Wilson College MTB
Trevor McCutcheon Colorado Mesa University MTB & CX
Tristen Musselman Fort Lewis College TK & CX
Turner Conway Colorado Mesa University MTB
Tyler Curtis  Lindenwood University TK & MTB
Tyler Doman University of Utah MTB
Tyler Miranda Brevard College MTB & CX
Tyler Orschel Brevard College MTB & CX
Weston Flickinger Fort Lewis College TK
Willem Kaier Savannah School of Art & Design - Atlanta TK
William "Tyler" Clark Brevard College MTB & CX

Last Updated - 3/30/2020

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