Feed Zones

Course Design

There are several rules addressing feed zones for the different disciplines. As a general point of safety and sporting consideration the feed zone should be on a wide slightly uphill section of the course. A feed zone on a sharp curve or a single track turn is not the easiest for riders to feed. The UCI mountain bike design course suggests a left hand curve for mountain bike feed zones. This is so support can be on the right hand side.

In some races and situations, the chief referee will determine if feeding is allowed. In cyclo-cross feeding is allowed when temperatures are high and can only take place in a location specified by the Chief Referee. In the case of marathon, 6-hour, 12-hour, and 24-hour mountain bike races feed zones are permitted. No matter the temperature in a cross-country mountain bike race the race director is responsible for providing a neutral water zone with water for a race exceeding 90 minutes in length.

Road race feeding rules:

Individual road race- 3C5(a), 3C5(b), 3C5(c)

Criterium- 3D6

If your race has a feed zone advertise this in the event literature, flyer, website or course map with the feed zone marked to prepare riders and the people who need to feed them. Also provide a route map to the feed zone. If the race director is providing supplies for the feed zone it is important to communicate what food and products will be available. Some people may not be able to utilize certain products and it is best to let them know this ahead of time so they don’t rely on the feed zone.

Tips: Control access to feed zone and provide parking at the feed zone, clearly mark the feed zone where it begins, where it ends, and how many kilometers to go.

Finally, as a race director, do your best to instruct teams and spectators around the feed zone to remove all trash they may generate. It is now common practice for races to feature a "green zone" before and after the feed zone. This is a location that allows riders to jettison bottles and trash in a location where the race organization can pick it up.

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