Sample Timeline

This is not an organized list, but rather a way to set your event up for success. The goal here is to simply provide a thought starter about beginning your process early and in a thoughtful, organized way.

Timeline Creation


Event Date

Event Date < Venue Approvals < Venue (course) Selection 

Course Ready for Racing < Course Build < Final Site Map < Preliminary Site Map

Final Budget (DO THIS ONE EARLY!) < Review Budget < Review Budget < First Draft Budget

Finalize Event Sponsors < Start Sponsorship Sales < Creation of sponsorship decks and materials< identify sponsorship assets

Permit Due Dates < Permit Start Dates (coordinate with venue selection)

Close Registration < Opening of Registration < Set Up registration

Finalize Event Identity and branding < Begin Event Identity and Branding (see sponsorship timeline)

Launch Event Marketing < Sponsor Approvals < Design Event Marketing Campaign

Press Announcement < Press release creation < press needs identified

Credentials issued < Credentials approved < request for credentials opens

Volunteer Deployment < Begin Volunteer Recruitment < Identify volunteer needs and create volunteer plan

Signage Delivered < Signage Order Placed <Sponsor Approvals< Signage Design < Signage Vendor Selected

Staff / Crew Arrivals < Staff Assignments complete and communicated < Staff contracts complete < Staff hired (contracts negotiated)

Staff Arrivals < book travel (consult and adjust budget!) < hotel/ lodging deals

Porta-Potties Delivered < Porta-Potties ordered < Porta-Potty Vendor Selected < Porta-Potty needs identified.

Tents Delivered Set Up < Tents ordered < tent needs defined 

Vendor Contracts Signed: Bids awarded < Bids received < Vendor needs identified and RFP made

Event Production Supplies Onsite < Get the “stuff” < Make a list (pins, pens, waivers, lights, safety bibs, Marshal flags, race numbers, zip ties, sharpies / course marking materials / brooms/ duct tape etc.) 

Technical Guide approved and published < Revised tech guide edited and submitted for review < First draft tech guide written and submitted for review

Staff Clothing Delivered < Staff Clothing quantities finalized and ordered < Staff Clothing Designed < Staff Clothing Vendor Identified

Everybody has a great time < Fun < Event Date

Thank you notes go out < Thank you notes written    

Post-event paperwork submitted and financial obligations paid/ met < final event accounting < collection of bills 

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