2023 Holiday Gift Guide


$500 and under

Hyperice X


The Hyperice X offers quick transitions between hot and cold therapy in just 60 seconds. Whether you're at home or on the go, it streamlines your recovery process. Plus, you can enjoy the benefits of both ice and heat therapy without the hassle of switching between packs, making it ideal for those with limited mobility due to injuries like knee injuries.

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Normatec GO: Dynamic air compression


Everything you love about the original Normatec now available in a fully portable and mobile system. These lightweight wearables are TSA approved and feature new intuitive user controls to help you keep moving. No hoses and no separate control unit – Normatec Go gives you a dynamic air compression massage while standing at your desk or relaxing at home and beyond.

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Vittoria Corsa PRO Gold Limited Edition


Only one bicycle tire can claim the title of winningest tire of 2023. The Vittoria Corsa PRO achieved what seemed impossible to accomplish in one season, winning Milano-Sanremo, Paris-Roubaix, Giro d’Italia, Tour de France, La Vuelta, and Road World Championships.

To commemorate this golden year, Vittoria introduces the limited-edition Corsa PRO Gold adorned with gold sidewalls. It comes in numbered double-packs, featuring two Corsa PRO tubeless-ready tires with gold sidewalls and with a serial number handwritten on the inner side of the tires. Only 2,023 packs are available globally: a true collector’s item for any road cycling lover.

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hDrop Gen 2


Are you a passionate cyclist looking to take your performance to the next level? Meet the hDrop Gen 2 – the ultimate hydration wearable designed to optimize your training and racing experience! USA Cycling members can enjoy a special 20% discount on hDrop Gen 2. Use the code "usachdroppartner2022" at checkout and supercharge your cycling journey!

  • Real-Time Sweat Analytics
  • Reusable & Cost-Effective
  • Garmin Compatibility
  • Multiple Body Locations (Coming Soon)
  • Patent Pending AI-Driven Insights

Aletha Hip Hook


For cyclists, the psoas muscle plays a crucial role in your body's performance.

This tightness can have far-reaching effects on your overall body function and can lead to pain and dysfunction in various areas.

That's where Aletha comes in: The Hip Hook is designed to target the root cause of your discomfort—the tight iliacus muscle, which connects to the pelvic bone and blends with the psoas to form the hip flexor. Say goodbye to that nagging low back pain during your rides.

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USAC RACE+ Membership


A USA Cycling RACE+ membership includes a domestic racing license and 24/7/365 on-the-bike accident insurance that protects you while riding, racing, and everything in between. With your domestic racing license, you’ll have immediate access to thousands of competitive events nationwide, including USA Cycling National Championships.

  • Domestic racing license (unlimited)
  • $0 deductible, $25,000 riding insurance (group rides, commutes, etc.)
  • $0 deductible, $25,000 racing insurance at USA Cycling sanctioned events*
  • Membership discounts from 200+ industry partners

Have you always wanted to race? Now is the perfect time!Save $20 on any USA Cycling membership now through January 1st, 2024.
Use code 20USACYCLING23 at checkout.

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$150 and under


TrainingPeaks Premium


The TrainingPeaks Premium app offers cyclists a smarter way to train with powerful analytics tools, Peak Performance tracking, and workout planning. Gift yourself 20% off Premium today for better cycling in 2024!

Take 20% off your order by logging into your USA Cycling account and finding your code under Membership Benefits.

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Hypervolt GO 2: Percussion massage


The Hypervolt Go 2 makes your body feel like new. Warm up fast, release stress and tension, and unlock tight muscles, wherever your life takes you. Just a few minutes a day will help you feel revived and find your full range of motion.

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USWE Airborne 9


The pack is equipped with USWE's bounce free NDM 4-point harness system, high-ventilated shoulder straps and a back panel with anti-slip ridges for better fixation. It will hug you like an octopus without cramping your style. Inside the main compartment there is a special designed compression sleeve to secure the 3.0L Elite hydration bladder with a Slide-Seal top and a Plug-N-Play coupling.

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Vittoria Mezcal UCI-Licensed Edition


Mezcal XC UCI-licensed Edition is there to celebrate Vittoria's long-lasting partnership with the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). This unique version of the popular Mezcal features the UCI logo and a stylish rainbow swoosh on the tire sidewalls.

The continuous center line features offset extensions that are siped to multiply the number of edges propelling you up the trail, and the rear siping on the shoulder knobs is angled for fast cornering on hard, slippery surfaces. For climbing, cornering, or careening down hill, no tire cooks like the Mezcal.

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USAC RACE Membership


A USA Cycling RACE membership includes a domestic racing license and immediate access to thousands of USA Cycling sanctioned events nationwide.

Whether on the road, track, or trail, your competitive endeavors will contribute to your ongoing success. Unlike a one-day license, your annual membership allows you to track your progress and recognize improvements with our nationwide rankings system.

  • Domestic racing license (unlimited)
  • Event-specific racing insurance
  • Membership discounts from 200+ industry partners
  • VIP member perks at USA Cycling sanctioned events

Have you always wanted to race? Now is the perfect time!Save $20 on any USA Cycling membership now through January 1st, 2024.
Use code 20USACYCLING23 at checkout.

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$50 and under



As the Official Bicycle Insurance Partner of USA Cycling, BikeInsure offers comprehensive insurance that safeguards cyclists' new or used bicycles or eBikes from riding, transit, or theft risks.

USA Cycling Members can sign up for a BikeInsure plan with a discounted membership price at USACinsure.com.

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Ultimate Gel Tryout Pack


Enhance your cycling experience with our selection of energy gels. We offer a variety of options, from the Maurten Gel 100 and Maurten Gel Caf 100 for powerful performance, to the Enervit Carbo Gel in Citrus flavor and SIS Beta Fuel in Strawberry Lime for sustained energy. Stay refreshed with the SIS Go Energy Gel in Lemon and Lime or Gu Strawberry Kiwi. For endurance and precision, try the Victus Gel During (02) and Precision PF 30 Gel. And don't miss out on the Neversecond Fruit Punch gel. These gels are designed to fuel your cycling adventures effectively.

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Vittoria Pit Stop


Vittoria Pitstop Super Magnum Inflating Sealant is the market-leading repair and inflation cartridge for mountain bikes. Specifically designed to repair larger volume tires, it's easy to carry on the bike for all types of MTB events.

Pitstop Magnum is made to get you back in the race without delay. It works on butyl and latex tubes, as well as tubeless tires. The foam is light, easy to use, and cleaner than dealing with liquids. Alternatively, you can use the Pitstop to pre-empt flats by loading a new tire with it.

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Ride Membership PDP 540x

USAC RIDE+ Membership


The RIDE+ membership is built-in accident coverage from Spot. This $0 deductible $25,000 insurance policy provides 24/7/365 on-the-bike coverage during non-racing activities including charity rides, gran fondos, group rides with your club, everyday commutes, and solo cycling adventures. Plus, you’ll gain immediate access to top-of-the-line discounts from industry partners and stay in the loop with the latest cycling news with bi-weekly editions of The Spoke, USA Cycling’s digital publication.

Looking for the same coverage but with a domestic racing license? The RACE+ membership provides the same suite of benefits with unlimited racing opportunities.

  • $0 deductible, domestic and international, $25,000 on-the-bike injury insurance powered by SPOT
  • Membership discounts from 200+ industry partners
  • VIP member perks at USA Cycling sanctioned events

Have you always wanted to race? Now is the perfect time!Save $20 on any USA Cycling membership now through January 1st, 2024.
Use code 20USACYCLING23 at checkout.

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