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Wrench with the best

The path to becoming a licensed mechanic and advancing your skills is all right here.

The Process

Become a Licensed Mechanic

The process to becoming a licensed USA Cycling Race Mechanic begins with your completion of our Race Mechanics course. This in-person course is taught by current USAC mechanics and will teach you what is needed to begin working as a race or team Mechanic. Individuals who complete the course will be eligible for a category 4 Mechanics license and begin the pathway for a wrenching career. Through experience and additional education, you can apply for upgrades through category 1.

This course will build on the attendees existing mechanic's knowledge and experience, and focuses on preparing the attendees to be a mechanic at a race or working for a team.

Other Requirements

The Mechanics license requires yearly Safe Sport training and a Background Check every two years. Both items must be current prior to receiving or renewing a mechanics license. 

Details on Course Availability

Upcoming courses will be listed here

Why a license?

How it Helps

Why do I need a mechanics license?

  • Many of the corporate neutral support companies, as well as national and international teams, require their employees and volunteers to have a USA Cycling Mechanics license.
  • You need a USA Cycling Mechanics license to work with the National Team at races and camps, National Championships, World Championships, and Olympics.

What are the benefits of having a mechanics license?

  • Licensed mechanics are covered under the USA Cycling insurance policy during their participation at sanctioned events.
  • Having a licensed mechanic on staff at your shop can increase the confidence of your clientele and give you an edge over your competition.
  • Having a license and using it with your local team or at local races brings a higher level of staff to the sport.

If you have any additional questions, send an email to mechanics@usacycling.org.