Code of Conduct

Mechanics shall conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Mechanics are to:

  1. Place the physical welfare of participants and spectators above all else;
  2. Uphold the highest standards of honesty, fairness and integrity;
  3. Model appropriate conduct for cyclists both within and beyond the sport setting;
  4. Respect confidentiality among coaches, teams, riders and journalists;
  5. Remain neutral and fair and avoid favoritism to all members of the team; (Special attention to athletes as instructed by the coach/manager for the benefit of the team is not favoritism.)
  6. Return items borrowed;
  7. Provide a clear, written account of items missing or consumed;
  8. Report thefts to the proper authorities;
  9. Acquire and apply the most current and effective mechanical techniques;
  10. Share helpful information with other mechanics; and,
  11. Promote the goals of the sponsoring organizations — e.g. USA Cycling, USA Triathlon, NCL, NBL and ABA — and other organizations that make events and participation possible.

USA Cycling offers additional insurance to cover Mechanics.

Additional details on coverage and cost can be found here.

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