What is Safe Sport Training?

Safe Sport training is a front-line abuse and misconduct prevention measure that raises member awareness of misconduct and abuse issues in sport. This training ("Safe Sport Trained") is designed to help members become more proficient at identifying, preventing, and responding to misconduct and abuse in sport. The training also familiarizes members with member reporting responsibilities.  

All USA Cycling members listed here must complete Safe Sport training and update it every 12 months.

If you have completed Safe Sport Trained for another sport, please send your completion certificate to and we will update your USA Cycling account.

How Do I Complete Safe Sport Training the First Time?

1. If you are completing training for the first time, use this link:

If you are renewing your training, use this link:

2. Complete Training

The learning dashboard displays multiple trainings. You are welcome to complete as many as you want, but only specific ones satisfy the requirement to take Safe Sport training. Please complete in the following order:

Year 1: Safe Sport Trained

Year 2: Refresher 1

Year 3: Refresher 2

Year 4: Refresher 3

Year 5: Repeat cycle, starting with Safe Sport Trained

Training must be completed every 12 months.

Your training should be reflected in your USAC account within 48 hours. If you do not see it after 48 hours, please email your completion certificate to

** USA Cycling does not run the website. If you experience issues with the training, log out of the website and close your browser, then re-open browser and log back in. If this does not work please contact the Safe Sport Help Desk or (720) 676-6417.

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