This information is being updated for 2023. Please check back after October 15. Any new teams interested in becoming a Domestic Elite Team for 2023 please let Bonnie Walker know so you can be added to the communications.

In an effort to better organize the top level of road cycling in the United States, USA Cycling created Domestic Elite Teams which is a category of road teams that sits between a club and a UCI registered team. Domestic Elite Teams offer a stepping stone to the professional level and better solidify the position of teams competing at the Pro Road Tour and America's Criterium Cup. Both men's and women's teams wishing to accrue team points in both series must register as a Domestic Elite Team or as a UCI-registered team.

DET Benefits: (Subject to change for 2023)

  • Inclusion in Pro Road Tour (PRT) Rankings
  • Registration as a USA Cycling Club, a $200 value.
    • If registering underneath a “parent” club, the parent club fee remains
  • Registration of an additional development squad at a discounted club rate, a savings of $100
  • 1 UCI Support license for the team manager/director (a $200 value) will be comped to the team manager or their designee
  • Included on email communications to UCI teams
  • Listed online and in materials sent to races that request team info from USA Cycling
  • Entry into the qualification process for select National and International events. 
    • Subject to maximum team size and nationality requirements of the event
  • Team car in the caravan at Professional and U23 road nationals
    • Preference over non-UCI/DET teams
  • Listing on team contact list for PRT and UCI races.

DET Information & Requirements (Subject to change for 2023)

  • Teams may register up to 20 riders per team, per gender. Minimum team size for 2022 is two riders, increasing to four riders in 2023.
  • The riders must be officially enrolled on the official Domestic Elite team application form, see below
  • Registration of Domestic Elite teams will end on January 15, 2022. If your team was not a DET in 2021, please email Bonnie Walker and ask to be added to the registration communication. 
    • Teams not registered by the above date are not eligible for consideration in determination for Pro Road National Championship selection but may still earn PRT points
  • All riders registered must have the required racing category (Category 1 for men, Category 1/2 for women). Membership on a DET DOES NOT automatically confer an upgrade.
  • Each team must have a designated team manager (new for 2022).
  • All team managers are required to complete SafeSport training and a criminal background check (new for 2022).
  • There are no age restrictions for riders on Domestic Elite Teams.
  • 50% of the riders for men’s teams and 50% of riders for women’s teams must be USA citizens with a USA nationality.)
  • Teams may use the USA Cycling Domestic Elite Team logo on team kits, website, etc. Logo requirements and image files can be found here.