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UCI Cyclocross Teams

BACK AGAIN FOR 2022-2023

The UCI has created Cyclo-cross Professional Teams (P-CRO), in addition to the original Cyclo-cross Teams (CRO). Each team type will have its own tab below.

Welcome to the information page for the 2022-2023 UCI Cyclo-cross Teams (CRO). Below you will find all the available information regarding registering a team.

If you need assistance with any aspect of your team process, please contact Bonnie Walker.

Click here to view the UCI Cyclo-cross regulations

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1. Team Composition and General Principles

A UCI Cyclo-cross Team (CRO) must consist of a minimum of 3 riders (no maximum), including at least one woman.

Riders must be 19 years and older (born in 2004 and before) as defined by USA Cycling's cyclo-cross age rule, "a rider’s racing age in cyclo-cross is his age on December 31st of the year that the cyclo-cross season ends (2023).

Cyclo-cross season begins on September 1st of one year and ends on the last day of February of the following year". A rider who is already member of another discipline’s UCI registered team, may be registered on a UCI cyclo-cross team, only if a signed three-party agreement (rider, UCI cyclo-cross team and the other UCI team) is provided during the registration process. A rider may not be the team manager or any other team staff member. There must be a team manager listed for the team. 

The name of the UCI cyclo-cross team must be that of the company or brand name of the principal partner or that of one of both of the two principal partners. No two UCI cyclo-cross teams, their principal partners or paying agents, may bear the same name. The nationality of the UCI cyclo-cross team must be that of the country where the head office or the domicile of the paying agent is located. Before the expiration date of the contract, transfers of riders are only permitted if an agreement in writing is reached between the three parties concerned: the rider, their current paying agent and the new paying agent, and with the authorization of the UCI.

2. Key Dates for Registration

The application and payment must be made to the UCI by July 31, 2022. USA Cycling must have time to verify/approve all submissions through DataRide by this date. USA Cycling must be notified of completion by no later than July 24, 2022 to allow for verification and notify teams of any changes needed.

3. Jersey Requirements

Each UCI cyclo-cross team must submit a PDF document showing the color graphic design (front only, long sleeves, no head and white background) of its team jersey (uploaded to DataRide), complete with sponsor logos. The file size should not exceed 3 MB. This design can be changed once per season, after the authorization of UCI, and only between the January 1-10, 2023. The UCI shall be informed before December 15, 2022.

4. Associated Fees for Registering a CRO Team

There is a UCI registration fee of 1,200 Euros, which must be wired directly to the UCI and paid by July 31, 2022. The information for wiring the UCI fee is shown below.

The USA Cycling registration fee is $250. Teams will receive an invoice directly from USA Cycling after the team has been accepted by the UCI and payment is due upon receipt. This fee covers the cost of registering a USA Cycling Club and other administrative duties. 

UCI Wire Information:

Please give the exact team name as payment reference and keep a proof of payment as an electronic file (pdf).

BankUBS Deutschland AG
BeneficiaryUnion Cycliste Internationale
1860 - Aigle / Suisse
AddressBockenheimer Landstrasse 2-4

D-60306 Franfurt am Main
Payment in EuroIBAN: DE27 5022 0085 1020 400012

5. The Registration and Auditing Process

To register a cyclo-cross team with the UCI, you need to submit information to the UCI, through DataRide.

  1. UCI DataRide login, new Teams
    1. If you are a new Team and want to register if you are an existing Team and want to register as UCI Cyclo-cross Professional Team, please send an email to offroad@uci.ch with the following information so that a login can be created for you to enter in the system.
      1. Team Name (not final, can be changed afterwards)
      2. Requested level: CRO (UCI Cyclo-cross Team) 
      3. Team Code (3 Digits, not final, can be changed afterwards)
      4. Team Nationality (corresponding to the National Federation where you will register to)
      5. Contact First Name, Last Name
      6. Contact E-mail
  2. UCI DataRide login, existing Teams
    1. The login transmitted last year remains valid, unless you aim to apply as UCI Cyclo-cross Professional Team. If you lost the login and password information or changed management, please contact offroad@uci.ch.

UCI 2021-2022 UCI Cyclo-Cross Teams - Instructions and Guide

Viewing the document above, starting on pg. 7, instructions have been laid out on how to fill out the required information in the DataRide system. There are sections reserved only for Cyclo-cross Professional teams. These sections should not appear in your DataRide dashboard and thus can be skipped in the instructions. If you are attempting to register a cyclo-cross team and the cyclo-cross professional sections appear, please contact offroad@uci.ch.

A copy of each rider’s contract must be uploaded. Per UCI rule (article 5.5.018), the CX Annex 3 - Model Contract (Word doc) between a rider and a UCI cyclo-cross team must be used.

6. Documents to be Provided by Email

CX Annex 1 - Sponsors

This form must be filled out and emailed to offroad@uci.ch.