Per UCI regulations, the downhill (DHI) and cross-country (XCO) UCI World Cups are competitions limited to athletes meeting one of the following criteria. You also must have a valid international license and be a U.S. citizen to enter through USA Cycling.

Riders must have the following point minimums in the UCI individual reference ranking by the posted date in the “Entry Ranking” column of the world cups online registration deadline document found on the UCI Mountain Bike website.

XCO Elite Men and Women 60 UCI points

XCO U23 Men 80 UCI points

XCO U23 Women 20 UCI points

DHI Elite Men and Women 40 UCI points

DHI Junior Men and Women **must petition for a National Federation World Cup start, see below

It is the rider’s responsibility to verify on the UCI website that they have the required UCI points prior to entering.

Two exceptions to this rule apply:

  • For junior DHI riders, the "40 UCI point" rule does not apply. Junior DHI riders who are listed on the official roster of a UCI-registered team may be entered by their UCI team to race in junior DHI World Cup races. All other junior DHI riders wishing to race in a World Cup event should petition for a USA Cycling National Federation reserved start spot.
  • U23-aged woman XCO riders who do not have the required 20 UCI points to enter a World Cup by the posted entry ranking deadline but are listed on the official roster of a UCI registered MTB team may be entered by their UCI MTB team to race in the U23 XCO World Cup race.  All U23-aged men XCO riders who do not have the required 80 UCI points to be guaranteed registration into a World Cup are required to petition for a USA Cycling National Federation reserved start even if they are listed on a UCI-registered MTB team.



1. The UCI requires that each athlete must list the hotel name, address, and phone number where they will reside during any World Cup competition. If you have an international cell phone, please supply that phone number also. USA Cycling can no longer accept entry forms without this information.

If you are not staying at a hotel but at a home, you are still required to list your location and phone number. If you are staying in a recreational vehicle or camping, please give a cell phone number and as much information on your location as possible.

2. ALL requests for pre-qualified entry of individual U.S. athletes for downhill and cross-country World Cups must be made via the USA Cycling online entry request portal at;

Pre-Qualified World Cup Entry Request Form

(Only UCI-registered teams can send their team's entry directly to the UCI and only on official UCI entry forms.) The UCI will only accept entries requests directly from USA Cycling for individual athletes. If you are an individual athlete and not a member of a UCI-registered trade team do not send your forms to the UCI. They will not be accepted. The final official entry for each World Cup will be submitted by USA Cycling directly to the UCI by their deadline.

Any athlete entering but failing to register at the event will be charged the full entry fee by the UCI through USA Cycling. Any athlete that is assessed a fine by the UCI will be billed by USA Cycling. Failure to pay USA Cycling for any fines can result in a suspension of racing license.

3. The deadline for athletes to submit their entries to USA Cycling is by 3 p.m. MST on the deadline dates (approximately two weeks prior to the event). Only USA Cycling's official entry form will be accepted. Make sure you specify the World Cup event (XCO or DHI) and date. No other forms, letters, or emails will be accepted in lieu of the official USAC online entry request. Late entries will not be accepted. No exceptions.

4. Entered riders will check in at registration at the World Cup, show their international license and pay the entry fee in local currency. Riders are to register at least 24 hours in advance for cross-country and 36 hours in advance for downhill. It is the rider’s responsibility to know the event schedule and attend any rider meetings on the UCI World Cup schedule.

5. If you submitted an entry form but will not be able to attend, please notify the UCI at and copy Marlis Johnson at USA Cycling at It is the athlete’s responsibility to cancel with the UCI, not USA Cycling's.

When entering World Cups, only register for those races that you will definitely be attending. The UCI will fine all no-shows. Each athlete will be responsible to pay any UCI fine for cancellation or no-show. Details on eligibility and event entry can be found on the UCI website.

6. Your entry confirmation can be found on the UCI website approximately three days prior to the events.

7. For Masters or amateur event support at the World Cup events, please contact each organizer directly. Their contacts can be found on the UCI website. Do not use these entry forms.

8. If you are entering more than one World Cup please submit a separate online request for each World Cup you would like to enter with appropriate lodging information.

The online Pre-Qualified World Cup Entry Request link is below

Pre-Qualified World Cup Entry Request Form

*Late entries will not be accepted.