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Athlete Category Upgrades January 2024

Congratulations to all the exceptional athletes on their well-earned category upgrades! Stay tuned each month as we spotlight the next wave of talented racers making strides in the cycling community.

Check out the athletes who have earned their category upgrades in January 2024.

Aaron WidmanCyclo-Cross Category 2January
Adam AguilarCyclo-Cross Category 3January
Adin PapellRoad Category 1January
Aidan OtradovecMountain XC Category 2January
Aidan TzinbergMountain XC Category 2January
Aiden LawsonMountain Gravity Category 2January
Aiden LawsonMountain Gravity Category 1January
Albert Gonzalez PRoad Category 3January
Alexander ZambranaCyclo-Cross Category 1January
Allison HurtgenMountain Gravity Category 1January
Alpine LeonardMountain MX Category 1January
Amias GomezMountain XC Category 1January
Amias GomezMountain MX Category 1January
Andre SilvaRoad Category 1January
Andrew HillerMountain MX Category 2January
Andrew MathiesenRoad Category 1January
Andrew TownsendMountain XC Category 1January
Andrew WoyakMountain Gravity Category 1January
Anna BondowRoad Category 3January
Antonio MitchellMountain XC Category 2January
Aras LatvysMountain XC Category 2January
Archer MyersRoad Category 2January
Arthur Paul WickbergMountain Gravity Category 2January
Arthur Paul WickbergMountain Gravity Category 1January
Austin GibbonsMountain Gravity Category 2January
Barry EvansCyclo-Cross Category 3January
Ben KolbieRoad Category 2January
Ben TroyRoad Category 3January
Benjamin SchwartzRoad Category 3January
Blake StevensMountain XC Category 1January
Bradley MorelandRoad Category 3January
Braxton MeloonMountain XC Category 2January
Bray LeslieMountain XC Category 1January
Brayden KromisMountain Gravity Category 1January
Brent HartsellRoad Category 2January
Brian FuerstMountain XC Category 1January
Brian MccullochMountain XC Category 1January
Brody HarrisonMountain MX Category 2January
Brody HarrisonMountain MX Category 1January
Brooke FosterMountain XC Category 1January
Bryan Benitez-NelsonRoad Category 3January
Byrne DobrientMountain XC Category 1January
Caleb LandgrebeMountain Gravity Category 2January
Caleb LandgrebeCyclo-Cross Category 4January
Carl NorrisRoad Category 2January
Carson BakerRoad Category 2January
Cavin DoughertyMountain XC Category 2January
Chandler UnickMountain Gravity Category 1January
Cherre AtagiCyclo-Cross Category 4January
Chris RodriguezRoad Category 3January
Christian TaylorRoad Category 4January
Christine TuckerMountain Gravity Category 1January
Christopher DamRoad Category 3January
Cole LewisRoad Category 3January
Colin JoyceRoad Category 1January
Collin KunesMountain Gravity Category 1January
Conor NagleRoad Category 3January
Cooper MurphyMountain XC Category 1January
Cooper RodriguesMountain Gravity/DH ProJanuary
Corey MckinnonMountain XC Category 2January
Curren SainiMountain Gravity Category 1January
Dakota TroudtMountain XC Category 2January
Daniel SheldonRoad Category 3January
Darrell TuckerRoad Category 3January
Darryl CookRoad Category 3January
David DavenportRoad Category 1January
David LiebMountain MX/DS ProJanuary
David PlatonRoad Category 3January
Derek KiddMountain Gravity Category 1January
Diego GaleanoCyclo-Cross Category 4January
Domingo ChavezRoad Category 3January
Doug BurdMountain Gravity Category 1January
Drew NoelTrack Category 4January
Drew ShellenbergerRoad Category 3January
Dylan FennerMountain XC Category 2January
Eli FergusonMountain XC Category 2January
Eli HardyMountain Gravity Category 1January
Elizabeth HildebrandtMountain Gravity Category 1January
Elizabeth WilliamsMountain XC Category 2January
Eric AllenRoad Category 3January
Ethan HuntRoad Category 3January
Ethan TothMountain Gravity Category 2January
Eugene ParkerRoad Category 2January
Flint DrummondMountain XC Category 2January
Frank PfeilRoad Category 3January
Fred MeredithRoad Category 3January
Gabrielle WrightsmanRoad Category 3January
Garnett WhitmireRoad Category 4January
Gary BrownCyclo-Cross Category 4January
Gary DenhartMountain XC Category 2January
Gavin NewmanRoad Category 3January
Gerald JeffsRoad Category 3January
Grady SawyerMountain XC Category 2January
Gray StevesMountain XC Category 2January
Griffin ClaytonMountain MX Category 2January
Griffin ClaytonMountain MX Category 1January
Hayden BlakeMountain XC Category 1January
Hayden FloresMountain XC Category 2January
Hayes McmillanMountain XC Category 2January
Henry DavisMountain Gravity/DH ProJanuary
Ian BrunettiMountain MX Category 1January
Ian MattesonRoad Category 3January
Isaac ThompsonMountain Gravity Category 1January
Isabelle SachseMountain XC Category 2January
Ivan LinserMountain XC Category 1January
Jack HampsonCyclo-Cross Category 3January
Jacob BomaMountain XC Category 2January
Jacob GreathouseCyclo-Cross Category 2January
Jacob StutzMountain XC Category 1January
James PearlRoad Category 3January
Jason RainsMountain XC Category 2January
Jaxon RickelRoad Category 3January
Jennifer TaveRoad Category 3January
Jesse DevlynRoad Category 3January
Jim WoodburneRoad Category 1January
Joe AdragnaRoad Category 3January
Joel KowalonekRoad Category 3January
John HarrisonRoad Category 3January
John PyronMountain Gravity/DH ProJanuary
John RobertsMountain Gravity/DH ProJanuary
Jon SquadritoCyclo-Cross Category 3January
Jonah HansonMountain MX Category 1January
Jose ValdezRoad Category 1January
Joseph MurphyRoad Category 4January
Joseph PifelRoad Category 2January
Joshua SavageRoad Category 4January
Joshua SeipelMountain XC Category 2January
Juan Fuentes VasquezRoad Category 3January
Julianna RuteckiRoad Category 1January
Julie RaydoMountain XC Category 2January
Justin SpanglerRoad Category 3January
Kade SteimelMountain Gravity Category 1January
Kallie StewartMountain MX Category 2January
Kallie StewartMountain MX Category 1January
Karyn SternRoad Category 2January
Kayla ClemonsRoad Category 1January
Keane KooglerMountain XC Category 2January
Keller NorlandRoad Category 3January
Kelsey AndristRoad Category 3January
Kevin DelunaMountain XC Category 2January
Kristen LukachMountain XC Category 1January
Kyler ChumbleyMountain XC Category 1January
Kyler ChumbleyMountain Gravity Category 1January
Landon LadeMountain XC Category 1January
Landrie MclainRoad Category 4January
Lauren BakerMountain XC Category 1January
Lauren HallTrack Category 1January
Lilliana OdonnellRoad Category 3January
Luca DemasMountain Gravity Category 1January
Luis D RiveraRoad Category 3January
Luke AnthonyRoad Category 3January
Luke FlaxmanMountain MX Category 2January
Luke LynchRoad Category 2January
Luke NaasTrack Category 3January
Maddox MarcellineMountain XC Category 1January
Manchin HsiungRoad Category 3January
Mario HooRoad Category 4January
Mary GordonRoad Category 3January
Matt KundoRoad Category 2January
Matthew FalconeiriCyclo-Cross Category 3January
Matthew LubeyRoad Category 4January
Max OdenRoad Category 3January
Mcewan (Mac) TomkinsMountain XC Category 1January
Mckenna MarinoMountain XC Category 2January
Mckenna MckeeTrack Category 1January
Mclure BaileyMountain MX Category 1January
Michael ClementsCyclo-Cross Category 3January
Michael GarrisonRoad Category 1January
Michael HowardRoad Category 3January
Michael LeeRoad Category 3January
Michael LubinMountain MX Category 1January
Michael O'LearyRoad Category 3January
Michael SchubertMountain XC Category 2January
Michael SpanglerRoad Category 2January
Mike MinichielloTrack Category 4January
Mike VertMountain XC Category 2January
Mitchell SavareseMountain Gravity/DH ProJanuary
Naish UlmerMountain Gravity/DH ProJanuary
Nate CollamerRoad Category 3January
Nate CurrierMountain MX Category 2January
Nicolas GuevaraRoad Category 2January
Nikolas MilanovicCyclo-Cross Category 4January
Oliver SkanchyMountain XC Category 2January
Owen ReaneyRoad Category 3January
Oz HofstatterRoad Category 4January
Parker HallMountain XC Category 2January
Pedro TalamantesMountain XC Category 2January
Perry StringfellowMountain XC Category 1January
Pierce SmithMountain XC Category 1January
Porter CatalanoMountain XC Category 1January
Rachel LiberatoreRoad Category 3January
Rachel WilsonRoad Category 3January
Randall GilbertMountain Gravity Category 1January
Raul AlvarezRoad Category 3January
Reese VannersonRoad Category 3January
Riley HalpernTrack Category 3January
Rob GerhardtRoad Category 4January
Robert BinkleyMountain XC Category 1January
Robert MartinMountain XC ProJanuary
Ross AndersonMountain XC ProJanuary
Ryan BennettMountain XC ProJanuary
Ryan ClarkMountain XC ProJanuary
Ryan KaufmannRoad Category 3January
Ryan TravelsteadRoad Category 3January
Sam BroudyMountain XC Category 2January
Samantha PorrasMountain MX Category 1January
Sarah BlazicRoad Category 3January
Sarah CustCyclo-Cross Category 3January
Sarah Grier BarberRoad Category 4January
Scott ChristensenMountain XC Category 2January
Scott FrederickMountain XC Category 1January
Scott FrederickMountain XC ProJanuary
Scott RenfrowRoad Category 3January
Sebastian CastroMountain XC Category 2January
Sebastian PenaRoad Category 4January
Serguey FernandezRoad Category 3January
Shaochen YouRoad Category 3January
Simon ClarkRoad Category 3January
Simon PaigeRoad Category 3January
Statlin SimingtonMountain Gravity Category 2January
Stephen MireMountain XC Category 1January
Stephen Savino IvRoad Category 3January
Steven ShiveMountain XC ProJanuary
Tarek Nelson-CastagnoMountain XC Category 2January
Taundra MarshallRoad Category 3January
Thomas AndersonRoad Category 3January
Thomas SchiessMountain Gravity Category 2January
Thomas SineathMountain Gravity Category 2January
Thomas WrightMountain MX Category 2January
Tj KretzlerMountain XC Category 1January
Todd StruykRoad Category 3January
Tofik BeshirRoad Category 2January
Tomas SalazarRoad Category 3January
Travis PyleRoad Category 2January
Trevor McdonoughMountain MX/DS ProJanuary
Trustin PendergrassMountain Gravity Category 1January
Ty DavisMountain Gravity Category 1January
Tyler SasserMountain XC Category 2January
Val EncomioRoad Category 3January
Vladimir MamolatMountain XC Category 2January
Walter FarrellMountain MX Category 2January
Wendel BauerMountain XC Category 2January
Willard FordRoad Category 1January
William BassettMountain XC Category 2January
Woodruff SkinnerMountain MX/DS ProJanuary
Wyatt ParsonsMountain Gravity/DH ProJanuary
Xavier SzigethyMountain XC Category 2January
Zach StarkerMountain Gravity Category 1January
Zachary OlsonMountain XC Category 2January
Zoe HicksMountain XC Category 2January