Overview of Updates to the USA Cycling Rulebook

By: Bonnie Walker  May 23, 2024

Regulation updates and additions for 2024.

The USA Cycling Rulebook was updated in April 2024. Included in this recent update are three rules that riders and support staff should be aware of while navigating the 2024 racing season. All changes to the rules are for the protection, safety, progression, and well-being of participants, spectators, officials, and/or race directors. Core changes affecting general membership are as follows:

1. International Licenses

Addition of regulation 1A3(b): International Licenses are required for UCI (International) events held within the United States, as well as National Championships for UCI categories - Elite, U23, and Junior 17-18 unless otherwise noted in the eligibility guide for the event.

2. Positioning of Racing Numbers

Addition of regulation 1J7(b): Numbers are to be worn on the outside of clothing and may not be placed inside of pockets or behind any material which reduces their visibility.

3. Mixing of Classes, Categories, and Genders

Addition of regulation 1H10(d): Under 23 and Junior riders may compete in any races for their age or one age group older, subject to category restrictions. At state, regional, or national championship events, riders are only eligible to enter races inclusive of their race age and/ or category. Under 23 and Junior riders are not eligible to enter Masters races.

A link to the 2024 USA Cycling Rulebook can be found here.