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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

USA Cycling awards grants to teams supporting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives

Each of the clubs or teams below will receive a $1,000 grant to assist clubs in delivering programs to underserved communities, supporting the hiring or training of coaches from diverse backgrounds, or breaking down financial barriers for aspiring cyclists who previously lacked access to participate in the sport of cycling.

We are so excited to present five teams with the Everyone Rides: Community Impact Grant. This grant aims to increase participation opportunities for underrepresented riders and coaches in the sport.

"We were thrilled with the overwhelming interest in the Everyone Rides Community Impact Grant program, especially in its first year," said Suzy Sanchez, Director of DEI and Membership Programs. "With more than 60 grant applications submitted, each showcasing remarkable merit, it's inspiring to see the dedication and passion for promoting inclusivity and access within the cycling community."

Recipients Include:

  1. Handlebars of Hope, Absolute Endurance
    Community impact: BIPOC
    Program summary: The Handlebars of Hope community program aims to empower troubled youth on the US/Mexico border through cycling, providing them with a constructive outlet, promoting physical health, and instilling a sense of community and discipline. Central to this initiative is hiring a professional cycling coach to enhance participants' skills and mentor them in life skills such as goal-setting, resilience, and teamwork. The program also includes nutrition and health workshops, partnerships with local organizations, and family involvement to create a supportive network, with progress tracking and fundraising efforts ensuring sustainability and growth.
  2. The Cycle Effect
    Community impact:
    BIPOC | Women
    Program summary: The Cycle Effect (TCE) is a Colorado-based nonprofit that mentors young women ages 10-18 from disadvantaged populations, using cycling to promote physical and mental wellbeing, goal-setting, and community engagement. Prioritizing equity and inclusion, TCE serves athletes who identify as Latina, BIPOC, or low-income, eliminating barriers by providing transportation, bikes, bilingual coaching, and subsidized programming. This grant will support five TCE+ athletes in joining the Colorado High School Mountain Bike Race League, covering dues and food costs, furthering TCE’s mission to increase representation of Latina and BIPOC-identifying women in cycling.
  3. Indigo Cycling Chicago
    Community impact:
    BIPOC| Women| Persons with disabilities | LGBTQIA+
    Program summary: Indigo Cycling Chicago aims to increase competitive opportunities for underrepresented riders in the south side of Chicago by organizing and hosting local events. Partnering with a local club, they have expanded a practice criterium series to make racing more accessible, offering free entry to FTW participants and $5 entries for juniors. Indigo Cycling Chicago aims to host more practice races, secure better venues, and expand race categories, particularly benefiting FTW, Para-Cyclists, and BIPOC riders, while also supporting their race grant initiative to offset entry costs for local races.
  4. Project Echelon
    Community Impact:
    Program summary:
    Project Echelon will use funds to support a mini-grant program, providing veterans with financial need up to $300 to remove barriers to sport. Grants are awarded based on veteran status, engagement in the Project Echelon community, financial need, and alignment with individual SMART goals set in veteran workshops. These grants can be used for equipment and event entries. As the Project Echelon Vanguard program grows, additional funding will help meet the increasing demand, ensuring all eligible veterans receive the support they need.
  5. Mt Hebron Cycling Club, Patapsco Cycling Club
    Community impact:
    Women| Persons with disabilities
    Program summary:
    The Mt. Hebron High School and Patapsco Cycling Club, based in the Baltimore Metro Area, provides an inclusive and supportive environment for minority and low-income students to engage in competitive cycling. Operating under the NICA model, the club emphasizes character building, physical fitness, and community engagement, with no tryouts and a focus on equitable participation. This program has seen significant growth, particularly among female riders, and aims to continue expanding its impact by offering comprehensive support, including equipment, uniforms, and safety gear, ensuring that all students can fully participate in the 2023-24 season.