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Alise Willoughby

2x BMX World Champion, Olympic Silver Medalist

D.O.B January 17, 1991
Hometown St. Cloud, Minnesota
School University of San Diego ‘15, Kinesiology
Residence San Diego, California

Meet the Athlete

Hailing from small town, middle America, Alise Post is one of the most successful female BMX racers to ever swing her leg over a bike. Alise started racing BMX at the age of 6 after a nudge from one of her older brothers, and after a few practice laps and one “chicken out” from racing, Alise finally entered her first race. And the rest, as they say, is history.

<p>While many idolize Alise for her success on the bike, just as many idolize her for her presence off the bike. Although she holds many accolades to her name, Alise’s path to success has not come with-out road blocks around every bend. From growing up in Minnesota with 1/2 the riding time of her competitors, to 4 major surgical injuries in 4 straight seasons, to losing her mother to cancer at just 22, Alise has had a long uphill battle in her sporting career. However, despite the adversity, she has risen to every challenge and come back stronger and more competitive, leaving nothing but positive energy and a ‘Never Give Up’ attitude in her wake. Alise knows what it takes to succeed; her drive and work ethic are unparalleled. She is the total package - dedicated, smart, good-natured, outgoing, attractive, and above all, a champion.</p>

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