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Return on Investment

ROI, or "Return On Investment," is what your sponsors are looking for when they get involved in your event. Every sponsor wants and needs different things from your event, and the best way to achieve their goals (and justify the money that they invest in your race) is to consider this a partnership. 

Too often, events that attract 200 riders put out sales decks asking for $5,000 because that’s what the event needs to make its budget. The better way to approach pricing your event sponsorships is to take a realistic look at what you can deliver to the sponsor and base your sponsorship value on that.  

Most brands (unless they are simply looking to be philanthropic) want, at the minimum, of 3 to 1 return on their investment. This means that $5K sponsorship is going to have to pay off in $15K in value before the marketing department will agree to send you a check!

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