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Designed to grow the track sprint discipline, the Los Angeles-based initiative leverages a progressive series of community engagement, talent identification, talent development, and talent integration programs to introduce individuals with diverse athletic and socioeconomic backgrounds to the sport of cycling and rapidly transform talented athletes into Olympic hopefuls. With the entire athlete development pathway housed in southern California, the program aims to diversify the sport of cycling by reaching new and underrepresented communities, while cultivating a continually growing pool of remarkable talent.

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The MudFund

Cyclocross has been a longstanding entry point into bike racing for young riders and has proven instrumental in developing the technical, physiological and mental skills that translate across all cycling disciplines. This makes cyclocross one of the key disciplines for long term athlete development.

The MudFund exists to support America’s most promising, young cyclocross riders. It supports USA Cycling’s core cyclocross programming, including international racing opportunities, domestic skills camps and holistic athlete coaching and services.

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Donations by Wire

Donations by wire transfer are accepted at the following:

ENT Credit Union
7250 Campus Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
USA Cycling Foundation
ABA Routing # 307070005
Account # 1000474239105

Giving Securities

While gifts of cash to the Foundation are essential and always gratefully received, in some circumstances a charitable gift of securities may be especially beneficial to a donor Just as cash gifts to the USA Cycling Foundation are deductible from federal income tax returns for those who itemize, gifts of qualified non-cash properties are also deductible.

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The Special Incentives of Non-Cash Securities

Many securities you own may be worth much more than you paid for them in past years. As appreciated securities, these are attractive gifts. In most cases the deduction is for the current fair market value of the securities given. The deductible amount includes both what you paid and your gain. This may dramatically reduce the cost of making a charitable gift, or help to increase the amount you can afford to give. To deduct gifts of appreciated securities at their current value, you must have owned them for at least one year and one day.



  • 1
    If Your Stock is Held at a Broker
    1. Notify your broker that you wish to make a gift of securities to USA Cycling Foundation. Your broker will need written authorization from you to make the transfer.
    2. Your Letter Must Include:
      1. The name of the stock you are giving
      2. The number of shares
      3. Where you would like your gift to be directed or designated (Undesignated gifts are used to fund general athlete development programs)
      4. Include a copy of the Broker Instructions
      5. E-mail a copy of this letter to Steve McCauley, USA Cycling Foundation (cell 719-201-2348)
    3. When you have authorized the transfer, REQUIRE your broker or investment advisor to contact the Foundation office at 719-967-9131 or if you did not already provide them with a current copy of the attached Broker Stock Transfer Instructions included here.
  • 2
    If Your Stock is Not Held at a Broker
    1. You can deliver the certificates to the Foundation in person or by mail. Our broker requires a Stock or Bond Power. If mailing, send your unendorsed certificate(s) and a cover letter in one envelope and the completed Stock Power in another. The cover letter should include:
      1. Your name and address
      2. Where you would like your gift directed or designated. (Undesignated gifts are used to fund general athlete development programs.)
    2. USA Cycling will then deposit the stock with its broker and direct the disposition.
    3. Do NOT mail endorsed certificates. Once endorsed, a certificate is legal tender and can be exchanged by whoever is the bearer.
    4. It is recommended that certificates not be registered in the Foundation’s name.
    5. Our mailing address is:
      1. USA Cycling Foundation
        Attn: Jess Cygan
        210 USA Cycling Point, Suite 100
        Colorado Springs, CO 80919
        USA Cycling Foundation
  • 3
    Instructions for gifts to USA Cycling Foundation Stockbroker


    Stifel Nicolaus
    One Montgomery Street, Suite 3700
    San Francisco, CA 94104

    Stifel Nicolaus:
    Contact: Justin Boulware
    Direct: 415-364-2681
    Fax: 415-364-2952

    USA Cycling Foundation:
    Contact: Steve McCauley
    USA Cycling Foundation
    Cell: 719-201-2348
    DTC No.: DTC #0793
    Title of Account: USA Cycling Development Foundation
    Account No.: 5230-5961

    Stockbroker Note: Please call or fax the Foundation and the Stockbroker before transferring any securities.


  • What is Best to Give?

    Publicly traded securities are usually the simplest to give due to the ease of transferring them and determining their value for deduction purposes. Closely held stocks may also be given, but special rules apply to them. Other properties may make outstanding gifts, but again, special rules may apply. It is usually better to sell securities that have dropped below their original value and then give the cash proceeds, as you may realize tax benefits from both the capital loss and the charitable gift. Please consult your tax advisor prior to making gifts of this type in order to maximize both your gift and your deduction.

  • Making the Transaction

    After you have chosen the security and the amount you will give, your investment broker can help complete the gift. Please contact the USA Cycling Foundation office and advise us of the gift to be made, and the method you expect to use for delivery of the cash or securities. It is the Policy of USA Cycling Foundation to determine the gift value of the transfer for pledge purposes when the securities have been received by our account at Thomas Weisel Partners. In order to be sure that our broker is aware securities are being transferred to the brokerage account, you must notify them of the specific number of shares and the date to look for the securities.