Motoref Program Overview

C-MotoRef (C-MR)

  • Cat C or better license at time of first motoref clinic
  • Successfully completes current clinic
  • Entry Level Official
    • Works C, D, & E events
    • Works B events if under the guidance of a qualified motoref


  • Submits the following for upgrade:
  • Detailed resume documenting 10 road events as a C-MR
    • At least 5 events as circuit or road race events
    • At least 2 events as lead or follow moto of a criterium
    • At least 2 time trials events (if available)
  • Two recommendations from A-MR or combination of B-MR and international commissaires
    • Based on personal observations
  • Works up to B event with limited team cars
  • Eligible for selection for A and international events, after experience, with guidance of A-motorefs


  • Become a B Road Official 
  • At least two seasons as a B-MR
  • Takes and passes level A-MR course
  • Relevant race experience within the last 2 years
  • Resume documenting 15 events as a B-MR ( The body of qualifying races shall be within the previous 5 Years)
    • At least 10 circuit or road race events
    • At least 2 events at the National Calendar level, at least one of which has a team car caravan
  • Two recommendations from A-MR and elite or international commissaires
    • Based on personal observations
    • At least one of the recommendations must be based on personal observations within the last 2 years
    • Successful in race evaluation
    • Works all USA Cycling events
    • Eligible for pilot selection at international events
    • Eligible for selection as passenger commissaire in international events

MVR Check

Every two years, all motorefs must go through the MVR process via FirstAdvantage. Please click here for information on how to do that.

This process checks your driving record and issues a green light or red light determination. The factors that would lead to a red light would be a DUI or a vehicular manslaughter, as well as too many speeding tickets. The cutoff is three moving violations in three years. When you are at three in three, you are marginally acceptable and it will probably take longer to complete the check as the company may want to do some more research. If you have more than three moving violations in three years, you get an automatic red light.

If you get a red light, there are several options:

  1. You don't request removal of the motoref certification, reissuing it as a "P", and you can officiate but not drive.
  2. YOu challenge the finding and ge your MVR cleaned up. (Ti is your responsibility to work with the provider to challenge a red-light designation.)
  3. Don't renew your officials license that year.

In most cases, after a year some of the tickets have fallen off and you can continue motorefing again.

Please contact our Technical Department with any questions.

Motoref Clothing

USA Cycling motoref

Unlike judges and referees, motorefs don't need to wear the standard blue shirt and khakis to an event. Motorefs should wear their bike gear and then either a black and white stripped referee shirt (as seen above) or the blue vest (pictured left). The vests can be purchased by clicking here. They are $74.95.