In Memory of Steve Tilford

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Junior Focused Anti-Doping Education

We are excited to launch a new campaign inspired by Steve Tilford's passion and vision for empowering junior cyclists to ride clean. 2022 will see a commitment to presenting critical anti-doping information at all major events on the junior calendar. Education sessions will be offered to both riders and their support networks (e.g., parents, coaches, etc.) with a vision for empowering riders to make informed choices in cycling and race clean. We are excited to take a proactive approach to supporting clean cycling and to create a community that is actively engaged in promoting clean sport.

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“Steve loved the purity of life, the true honest beautiful moments. Cycling filled this passion. Steve knew he was blessed to have the opportunity to ride and race the roads of the world. With the Steve Tilford Memorial Fund, we will continue to support Steve’s passion with a dedicated campaign to help make cycling drug-free." – Trudi Rebsamen, wife of Steve Tilford