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Club & LA Liability

USA Cycling’s Directors and Officers Liability insurance broker, Fairly Group (800-530-4809 x 3659), offers a group Directors and Officers Liability Insurance program for USA Cycling member clubs and local associations. The premium rates are significantly less than each club could negotiate independently.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance provides for “Wrongful Acts,” “Errors” and “Omissions” alleged to have been committed by a club’s Board of Directors, employees, volunteers and officers while executing their duties in service to the club. Directors’ and Officers’ services to the club are generally considered to be rendered in a fiduciary capacity. A trustee is held responsible and accountable for his or her actions; so, too, are the directors and officers who owe their club a duty to exercise their powers in good faith and with prudent judgment.

While federal and state statutes provide much guidance in establishing standards of conduct, common-law principles are still the basis of determining when wrongdoing has been committed where there is no statutory law. Common law, unlike statutory law, does not impose absolute and inflexible rules; rather, it is subject to the changing interpretations of the courts and is based on principles of equity and public policy.

This program offers a limit of liability of $1 million with higher limits as an option to those interested clubs. It offers coverage for Non-Pecuniary Defense, which provides defense coverage for those allegations not requesting monetary awards. For more information please contact:

Cathy Sechrist
Fairly Group
PO Box 1149
Amarillo, TX 79105-1149
Phone: (800)-530-4809 x 3659

To receive a quote for this coverage for Clubs, please complete the application here.

To receive a quote for this coverage for Local Associations, please complete the application here.

A Fairly Group Representative will be back in touch to the email provided on the application with a quote and pricing.